vendredi 14 mai 2010

hello isabelle de borchgrave, goodbye alexander mcqueen

i have been a "fan" of isabelle de borchgrave's work for many years. there is an exhibition in brussels at the moment and i decided to go every week and draw...

which i try and do...

the two gold squares on the right page are an imprint of the mosaïc tiled floor of the museum... i admit it doesn't come out very good on the screen though...

during my last visit, as i was quietly minding my own business, isabelle de borchgrave came to me, looked at my work and invited me to her studio! must have been my luckiest day! i couldn't believe this place... the colours, the atmosphere... each person working there is an incredible artist of their own and i was invited to go back and draw while they are putting the new show together.
if you happen to be in brussels, the exhibition "i medici" runs through the 28th of august at the musées royaux d'art et d'histoire, don't miss it... no excuses!
follow this link for more info:

bye bye alexander mcqueen, visionary, great artist, even greater talent.

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